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  • Alabama (AL)

    Alabama has a rich history which is shown in various museums. In Alabama it's very good: cycling, camping, cross country skiing, hiking, golfing, fishing.

  • Alaska (AK)

    In Alaska one has over 25 years of experience in luxury holidays and adventurous camping trips, where one can go fishing for salmon, trout and halibot. Or go rafting, hiking, kayaking, walk across glaciers, see whales and bears in three national parks.

  • Arizona (AZ)

    The most famous national park in Arizona of course is the Grand Canyon. Further on you can go fishing for bass, trout, pike, catfish and many more.

  • Arkansas (AR)

    Dig up your own diamonds in the Crater of Diamonds. One can also choose for hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing or mountainclimbing.

  • California (CA)

    What can we say about California? California has a coastline which is 1.448 kilometer long; funfairs (with rollercoasters); zoo's; famous wines. And then there are the many famous cities: San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles. further more: Hollywood, LA Lakers, LA Dodgers. There's so much, practically too much to mention.

  • Colorado (CO)

    Most known in Colorado are the Rocky Mountains. Also the rich area of Aspen as a skiing resort becomes much more known. The Mesa Verde National Park directs to a part of the history of Colorado, back when the Indians used to live in cavehouses.

  • Connecticut (CT)

    Beautiful and famous is the Indian Summer, in which the stately trees loose their millions of leaves. This after they've changed into the most amazing colours. From juicy green to the most beautiful varations of jellow, brown, red and orange. Certainly worth a visit are Route 49 en State Scenic Highway 169.

  • Delaware (DE)

    Delaware is mainly known for it's flora (walnuttrees, hickory, amber- tulip- and curranttrees and sassafras) and fauna (red and grey foxes, muskrats, racoons, white-tailed deer, American eagles, puma, three species of whale and five species of turtle).

  • Florida (FL)

    What's not known in Florida? The Everglades National Park with it's trees, swamps, meadows, rivers, crocodiles, alligators and many other animals, cities like: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, Cape Canaveral. Not to be forgotten of course is the Disneyworld resort.

  • Georgia (GA)

    The most known city of Georgia must be Atlanta. In Atlanta you find the famous sodafactory: Coca Cola. The most famous person from Georgia absolutely is Martin Luther King.

  • Hawaii (HI)

    Hawaii consists of 20 islands of which only 7 are occupied. The climate is subtropic. Everyone has seen pictures of the hula-dance. Famous city: Honolulu.

  • Idaho (ID)

    In lots of towns in Idaho there are held rodeos. At the Craters of the Moon National Monument you'll find the largest area of lavafields and ashhills of the USA.

  • Illinois (IL)

    Chicago can be called the best known city. most important rivers are: Chicago River, Rock River, Illinois River, Mississippi River, Ohio River and Big Muddy River.

  • Indiana (IN)

    In Indianapolis you'll find the Indy 500, each year in May. One of the biggest racing events in the world. Michigan City is a large city with a fine harbour and the 40 acres large International Friendship Gardens is a big nursery with plants and bushes from all over the world.

  • Iowa (IA)

    Largest cities are Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Sioux City. The most important rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri. Famous writer Mark Twain was born here.

  • Kansas (KS)

    Largest cities are: Wichita, Kansas City and Topeka. On the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail, where in the past the pioneers travelled from east to west, are several fortresses: Fort Dodge, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Larned and Fort Scott. Dodge City is a restored wild west city.

  • Kentucky (KY)

    Kentucky is known for it's whiskey, horsebreeding, the famous Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, leaders of North and South during the Civil War, were born..

  • Louisiana (LA)

    Louisiana has a subtropic climate. The lowest point of the Mississippi-delta is in New Orleans. The most beautiful ghoststories come from this fact. In the past, coffins came floating above ground. The coastal area is swamplike. Also the famous Cajun cooking comes from this area.

  • Maine (ME)

    Maple syrup is from this region. The most northern part of the state crosses far into Canada. It even reaches farther then the city of Québec, and districts like New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island en Nova Scotia are surrounding the area. Still you can't just cross from Montreal to the Canadian Atlantic shore. The area is so rough that there are no roads, just lots of lakes and forests.

  • Maryland (MD)

    Baltimore is on the eastcoast. Among others, Edgar Allan Poe lived here. In the south of Maryland you find Solomons Island. This is not, like the name suggests, an island but a peninsula. There are many Bed & Breakfast conveniences and fish restaurants here. In the state capital Annapolis you find the Navy Academy. Certainly worth a visit in October, because the largest boatshow on earth takes place then.

  • Massachusetts (MA)

    In Cambridge,a small town in the proximity of Boston, you find Harvard University. Famous politicians from Massachusetts are, amongst others: Benjamin Franklin, Michael Dukakis, John F. Kennedy and George H.W. Bush. Worth a visit is the Eco Tarium, a museum for nature and science. Even fun for children in the age of 3-5 who are still attending preschool.

  • Michigan (MI)

    If you visit Michigan, don't forget to visit Detroit. Known for it's carindustry and who doesn't know Motown-music? On Lake Michigan is the village Holland (founded by Dutch immigrants). Here you'll find more windmills and tulips then in The Netherlands itself.

  • Minnesota (MN)

    Minnesota calles itself "10.000 lakes", that's about right, there are approximately 14.000 lakes. The Mississippi, the largest river in the US, springs from Minnesota. Voyageurs National Park is one of the National Parks, not very much known, but that could be quite appealing. The heart of the park exists of lakes. If you like shopping: not far from Minneapolis is the greatest Shopping Mall on earth. If you'll want to get a bit to eat during your shopping spree, there are about 64 different restaurants there. If after your snack, you'll want to check if your stomach is still allright: there's a rollercoaster in the mall.

  • Mississippi (MS)

    Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo. Writer William Faulkner wrote most of his books in the university town Oxford. In Summer it can be rather warm here, best time to visit this state would be spring or fall. Mississippi is very proud of it's blues trail, Highway 61.

  • Missouri (MO)

    In Missouri, Mark Twain was born. He's mainly known for his books Tom Sawyer (In which he sketches a detailed image of his beloved town Hannibal, where he spent his youth) and the sequel: "The adventures of Huckleberry Finn". The "Little man from Missouri" Harry Truman is the most important politician who came from Missouri.

  • Montana (MT)

    Glacier National Park certainly is worth a visit. There are many glaciers to be found here. But beware, if you visit the park, there are wild grizzlybears walking around. Who hasn't dreamt of a ride on a sleigh, run by Alaska dogs, through nature. Go icefishing on one of the many lakes, or ride on a snowmobile across frozen lakes and discover the forests. Or go helicopterskiing.

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