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A site with a vision on living, travel, recreation, wellness and a way of life. Links to more information on traveling, gardening, hotels, restaurants and fun things to do. Vision4Living is part of Vision2Form. Both have a vision on living and design.

Planning to decorate your house, buy a house, going on a vacation, travel? Vision4living will provide you with interesting articles, links to informative sites about 'mortgages', 'real estate', 'traveling', 'gardening' and much more. All to provide you the information needed to start, or live, your own way of life.

Searching for a nice house, we found lots of sites offering them, but how about some more information on mortgages, how to maintain, re-decorate or design your garden?

As we were looking, our goal wasn't a home in the city or a simple house. No, we looked further than we may possibly could afford to get some ideas. A nice villa or estate near the woods, a large garden with swimming pool, perhapse close to the sea ... As long as it wasn't a house in the suburbs, we wanted to relax and feel free.

Our house however should not be a burden. We want to enjoy life, go travel to exotic locations, have some short breaks and maintain a certain life style. The proper mortgage and insurances should provide us to do so. Some financial freedom and not having to worry about the next downpayment.

Travel, enjoy our garden and taking care of ourselves - wellness - thats the way of living for me ...

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