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  • Andorra

    The principality of Andorra is a small enclosed principality in the southwest of Europe, in the East Pyrenees, bordered by France and Spain.

  • Australia;

    Australia is the smallest continent or the largest of islands. In the inland besides deserts, there are savannahs and savannah-like areas. This is where kangaroos live for example. Exellent holiday country for backpackers.

  • Austria

    Austria is a country in central Europe. It borderes on Germany and the Czech Republic in the north, east on Slovakia en in the west on Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


  • Belgium

    Belgium is a West European country, bordered by the North Sea in the west, The Netherlands in the north, Germany and Luxembourg in the east and France in the south. Belgium officially knows three languages: Dutch (Vlaanderen), French (Wallonië) and German.


  • Curaçao

    Curaçao is an island area and the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles. Curaçao is a tropical island and is sited in the southern part of the Carribean Sea. Together with Bonaire and Aruba it forms the so called ABC-islands. Of the three, Curaçao is the largest.

  • Croatia

    Croatia is a country in southern Europe. In the north it borderes on Slovenia and Hungary; in the east on Serbia and Montenegro; in the south on Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the west on the Adriatic Sea.

  • Cyprus

    Cyprus is in the east part of the Mediterranean Sea, approx. 70 km south of Turkey and 100 km west of Syria. The capital is Nicosia. Since 1974 the island has been separated, the southern Greek part and the northern Turkish part (the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), which is only recognized by Turkey.


  • Denmark

    Denmark is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe. The capital is on the largest of the islands, Seeland, which, by a narrow straight, the Sont, is separated from Sweden. South of Denmark is Germany. On the west part is the North Sea, on the north, the Skagerrak and on the east the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. Since 1973, Denmark is part of the European Union.

  • Dubai

    Dubai is one of the United Arabic Emirates and also the capital of the emirate Dubai. The United Arabic Emirates are in Asia and are bordered by Saoedi-Arabia and Oman. It consists of seven emirates, knowing: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaywayn, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah.

  • Germany

    Germany is a country in central Europe. In the north bordered by the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Denmark. In the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, in the south by Austria and Switzerland and in the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands.

    Ideally for a short holiday or a longer stay.


  • Egypt

    Egypt, in the north is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east to the Gaza Strip, Israel and the Red Sea. In the south to Sudan and in the west to Libia. In the east of Egypt you find the peninsula Sinaï that belongs to the Asian continent. The peninsula is connected to Egypt by the isthmus of Suez.

  • Estonia

    Estonia is in the northeast of Europe. In the west it is bordered by the Baltic Sea, in the north by the Gulf of Finland, in the east to Russia and in the south to Latvia. It is the most north and the smallest of the three so called Baltic States, It distinguishes itself from Latvia by their own language, which is not Baltic but Finoegric.


  • Finland

    Finland is a country in Northern Europe, bordered by Russia in the east, Norway in the north and Sweden in the northwest. In the south it is separated from Estonia by the Gulf of Finland. In the west you find the Gulf of Bothnia and in the southwest the Baltic Sea. Across the Baltic Sea is Sweden.

  • France

    France is in West Europe, bordered by the Channel (in the west), the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay; to the north, Belgium and Luxembourg; to the east, Germany, Switzerland and Italy; in the south, Spain, Andorra, The Mediterranean Sea and Monaco. The island of Corsica (in the Mediterranean Sea) is also part of France.


  • Greece

    Greece is a country in southern Europe. It consists of the southern part of the Balkan-peninsula and a large number of islands. In the north, Greece borderes on (from west to east) Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Greece is mainly surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea (in the south) the Ionian Sea (in the west) and the Aegean Sea (in the east).Best known islands are: Crete, Kos, Corfu, Lesbos, Samos, Mykonos and Rhodes.

  • Great Britain

    Great Britain is an island in Western Europe. It's situated between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland. Together with it's overseas countries, it forms the United Kingdom.

  • Guernsey

    Outside the French coast of Bretagne in the bay of Mont Saint Michel is the island of Guernsey. It's the largest of all Channel islands. Together with the uninhabited islands Minquiers en Ecréhous it forms the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Also known as the Channel Islands. .


  • Hungary

    Hungary is a country in central Europe. It borderes on Austria in the west. Slovakia in the north, Ukraine in the northeast, Serbia and Montenegro en Croatia in the south and Slovenia in the southwest. Through Hungary run two large rivers, the Donau and the Tisza.


  • Ireland

    Ireland lies west of Great Britain and is the second largest island in Europe. Ireland doesn't belong to Great Britain, the northern part does.

  • Italy

    Italy is a country in southern Europe. In the north Italy borderes to France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. West of the country is the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the southwest the Mediterranean Sea, on the southeast the Ionean Sea and to the east the Adriatic Sea. Because of the shape of the country, Italy is often called "The Boot". To Italy belong many islands: Sicily, Sardinia, Elba and a number of smaller islands.

  • Israel

    Israel to the north borderes on Lebanon, to the east on Syria and Jordan, in the south on Egypt and the Palestinian Authority. Israel has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea as well as on the Red Sea. It forms (Egypt as well) a natural landconnection from Asia and Europe to Africa.






  • Latvia

    Latvia is in northeast Europe, on the Baltic Sea. It is the second Baltic State. In the north it borderes on Estonia, to the east on Russia and Lithuania and Belarus in the south.

  • Lebanon

    On the most east point of the Mediterranean Sea is a small country: Lebanon. In the south it borderes on Israel and in the east and north to Syria.

  • Lithuania

    Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe between Latvia in the north, Belarus in the east, Poland and Russia in the south and the Baltic Sea in the west. It is the largest and most south of the three Baltic States.

  • Luxembourg

    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is in the northwest of Europe. It's bordered by Belgium in the west, Germany in the east and France in the south.


  • Malta

    The country of Malta is in the Mediterranean Sea and consists of the islands: Malta, Gozo, Comino and the smal uninhabitated islands Manoel Island, Cominotto, Filfla, Fungus Rock and the Saint Paul's Islands. The island of Malta is south of Sicily and north of the continent Africa.

  • Morocco

    Morocco is in northern Africa on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. It borders on Algeria in the east and the Western Sahara in the south.

  • Monaco

    In the southeast of France is the Principality of Monaco . About 12 kilometers of the Italian border. It's on the verge of the southern Alps. The territory consists of a small landslide about 4 kilometers wide along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

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