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The Franconian city of Forchheim

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In transit or stay a while?

Are you in transit to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Austria and do you (and your children) think you've travelled enough for one day? After all you've spent quite some time on the road and it's time to strech your legs, take some rest and have something to eat. Then a short stay in Forchheim or a weekend at the familyhotel Roter Ochs in Forchheim is just perfect for you.

Also, if you have more time on your hands and you want to stay longer here, a weekend or several days, a stay her is highly recommended. Forchheim has so much to offer.

Church in Forchheim-Burk

Rest and recreation

If you like peace and quiet and you still want to have an active holiday, in the surroundings of Forchheim one can find all he or she likes. From the Aischgrund where you can fish for carp (remember your fishingpermit!). By the way... did you ever eat carp? very tasty and so, we recommend it.

Get active

  • Swimming in an open-air or a covered pool. In the surroundings of Forchheim there are no less then 8 covered and 15 open-air swimmingpools.
  • leaning hause
  • Hiking: in the area of Waischenfeld, through well marked paths you can find 8 breweries. Also there are hikes to wonderful castles. There are even hiking routes for visually handicapped people. The Frankenweg with a lenght of 527 km is a remarkable path where you could take several days to hike.

    If you walk through the streets of Forchheim, there's a big chance you'll find a special house. Right after the built the house started to lean. It was build on sand and then leaned until it found solid ground.

  • Climbing: There are many climbing routes in the Franconian Schweiz, as they call this area. Routes for beginners and experienced climbers. Even the extreme climber will find his El Dorado here. When the weatherconditions are off, you can climb in one of the indoor climbinghalls. These are also very suitable for children.
  • Cycling: If you are in a good form and you want to cycle uphill and downhill, the height difference can be 200 meters here. The best of the best in cyclepaths is the route Gasseldorf- Heiligenstadt, which was build a few years ago on an abandoned railroad track. The cyclepath along the Rhein-Main-Donau-Channel through Forchheim, also is very suited for cyclingtours with the entire family.
  • Pond in Forchheim
  • Fishing: The Experts are of opinion, that the Wiesent has just about the highest occupation of brown trout in Europe. The fish multiply in a natural way. The most used method of fishing in the so called flyfishing. If tourists would like to try out this manner of fishing, there are lots of possibilities.
  • Castle "Kaiserpfalz" in Forchheim belongs to on of the best known and tourist straight the "Burgenstrasse". In future this will be expanded so there's more space to create museums and other cultural events.
  • Breweries, Cycle or walk. You'll have to do your very best not to come across one. There are no less then 72 breweries in the region. Oberfranken, with 201 breweries had the most dense area of breweries in the world.

Annafest - Going out

  • Annafeast, lasting ten days, for hundreds of years on Anna-day on July 26th, one celebrates the Annafest. There's a ferriswheel, a merry-go-round, modern attractions like breakdancing and a waterslide. There's a lot to see and hear. Several bands performing. For the hungry people there are the snacks like herring, bratwurst, fries and much more. The ones who get thirsty are not left out!
  • Sharp weeks - Horseradish. Each year in October are the "Sharp weeks". This means that each gourmet chef who participates, serves at least three dishes with horseradish. Of course horseradish blends well with meat and fish (special: carp and trout).
  • A nice movie for your relaxation is also fun. The prices are very low: they vary from EUR 4,- to EUR 5,25. The cinemas in Forchheim even have special seat raisers for the smallest people among us. After the movie you can talk on in the Kinocafé while having a drink or something to eat.
  • sidewalk cafe
  • The various restaurants in Forchheim and surroundings (Greek, Italian, Chinese, fishrestaurants, the Franconian kitchen) have an excellent menu.
  • If after a walk you are in need of some rest, you could enjoy a drink on one of the many outdoor cafés.

Familyhotel in Forchheim - Germany

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